Athos Burez, visual artist

The influence of painting is never far away in Athos' work, however, his sense of freedom is greater with a camera than with a paint brush. Even before the picture has been taken, he builds the image accurately and consciously with attention to framing, lighting and the composition of his installations. That is, after all, where he succeeds in creating his typical, surreal yet tangible atmosphere. The new world which he has thus created, challenges the viewer's imagination, often with a touch of humour. More than once his work has been exhibited in a duo or group exhibition, currently it can be admired in a solo exhibition at the Ensor museum in  Ostend.
Athos Burez studied in Ghent: after obtaining a Fine Arts degree at Sint-Lucas, he studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Over the last few years, he has put together an impressive portfolio of photographs with assignments not only for Knack, De Morgen, Elle and Sabato but also for brands such as Campari, Levi’s and Café Costume. As a result of this, many well-known individuals like Rinus van de Velde, Stromae, Dries Van Noten and Matteo Simoni have already posed in front of his lens.

upcoming solo expo ‘As in (n)ever was’ in C-MINE Genk from 22th of june 2024,more info soon online

solo expo ‘As it (n)ever was’
from 22.06.2024 at C-MINE, GENK 

previous expos: 
2e Internationale Fotobiënnale Oostende, 2023 Ensorhuis, Oostende > JAMES ENSOR RECOMPOSED, Ensorhuis Ostende, 2020 soloBarok BurezMAS Antwerp (06.2018) solo expo > Photo Event, STEDELIJK MUSEUM MECHELEN (05.2016) group expo ︎ Unknown Masterpieces, PHOTOFESTIVAL KNOKKE-HEIST (03.2016) group expo ︎ The Male Figure In Contemporary Art, GALLERY WILMS AT ART BRUSSELS (04.2015) group expo ︎Occupied Emotions, BROELMUSEUM KORTRIJK (04.2015) group expo ︎Kom Op Tegen Kanker, VERBEKE FOUNDATION (11.2014 - 04.2015) group expo ︎ Athos Burez & Titus Simoens BROELMUSEUM KORTRIJK (05.2013) duo-expo